Monday, February 2, 2009

You Rock!!!

If you haven't played Guitar Hero you are missing out! It has become one of my favorite pass times! We had the Livingston's over the other night to try their hand. Not bad guys! It was a blast!

Dennis and Alisa "rocking out"! The guitar looks more like a ukulele with Dennis holding it.

Josh and Dennis made a pretty good team on Freebird. They both were done after that song. (What is it, like 15 minutes long?)

Alisa and I did a great job I must say!

Even Haleigh and Ben gave it a shot! I love Haleigh's look of concentration in this picture. She did the strumming and I did the buttons but we were still booed off the stage!


The Hilton Family~ said...

Looks like a fun night!! Those nights are the best when you get to just relax and hang out with friends:)

Alisa said...

That was a fun night. Next time it's our house to play the Wii! Those pictures are totally not flattering, by the way! Thanks for having us over!

Heather K said...

You guys look like it was a blast! Rock Band is pretty fun, especially if you are good at it!