Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1st Day of School!!!

Yesterday was Jentry's first day of 1st grade! I can't believe she's old enough to go to a full day of school! She absolutely loved it! She has some friends in her class that she knows from kindergarten and she loves her new teacher, Mrs. Z. She loves having 3 recesses and eating in the cafeteria. Oh, the joys of elementary school!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pickin' Peaches in our PJ's!

One of our neighbors recently moved and we decided that someone needed to take advantage of the peach trees in their yard, so . . . we did!

The kids were in their jammies because it was almost bed time, but we went picking anyway. Jentry, Haleigh and their friend Kole had a ball picking all of the peaches . . . and eating a few too of course!
Here are the kids (Haleigh, Jentry, Fred and Kole) pushing the wagon home with the goods.