Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Day!

What a great Christmas! Good old Santa came through once again! The girls both got just what they asked for. It's amazing how he does it!

Haleigh got a guitar. Uncle Jake was helping her tune it and she was trying so hard to wait patiently! Watch out Taylor Swift!

Uncle Jake, in his fabulous outfit, trying out the guitar.

Jentry got a scooter from Santa! She'd been wanting one for so long! Can't wait for it to warm up so she is not scootering around the house!

Haleigh made this birdhouse, with grandmas help, for Jentry.

Jentry made this kitty pillowcase, with grandmas help, for Haleigh.


Alisa said...

It is amazing how santa knows just what the kids want! I was shocked to see the picture of your brother. I had to do a double take, because he looks almost like my brother!! So funny! Glad to hear you had a Merry Christmas!
See you soon!!

Jensen Family said...

Looks like Santa was good to the Grimstead family!

Mr and Mrs Smith said...

cute. Santa brought Jentry a scooter??!! Santa brought me one too! He was probably tired of seeing me ride Myah's all the time! My scooter rocks! We'll have to go out scootin' together!

A'Lisha said...

i love jentry's face when she opened the scooter.. how fun!

Tori said...

Hey!! Santa forgot your Wii. Maybe he will find it at the DI or the pawn shop (haha). Tell him if he runs into Eric there, to send him home. It was AWESOME to see you guys!! Hope to run into you again!!!

Lil Shorty said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas. Its great to catch up on here with friends.

The Hilton Family~ said...

Cute pics! I am glad you all had a great Christmas!! I have been slacking on the blog lately, i really need to get the ball rolling in that department. Hope all is well!