Sunday, March 8, 2009

Haleigh's Funnies

Haleigh is our resident "funny girl." She has the most outrageous imagination and comes up with some interesting things. I just wanted to post a few of her "funnies."
Haleigh was calling me from the other room and when I found her she said "Look, mom, I painted my own toenails!" (they are really hair barrets, if you can't tell.)

After getting take out from Cafe Rio Haleigh climbed into the bag and was hopping around like a sack race. After a few minutes both of her feet broke through the bottom and she decided it was a great outfit instead!

This is often how I find Haleigh. Laying on the desk playing PBS kids. She is so small she has a hard time reaching the mouse from the chair so she's come up with her own method!

We love you Haleigh! Thanks for keeping us laughing!


Tori said...

She's so cute. I love all her pictures! Kids are pretty creative when they know what they want!!

Mr and Mrs Smith said...

Oh Haleigh...she's so cute. I do love the barretts! That girl has the cutest little voice and giggle. I miss hearing it.