Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Decorating the Tree

It's time to decorate! All week the girls have been hauling boxes of Christmas decorations down from the attic. They sure help to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Josh was in charge of the lights because those real trees (as good as they smell) are really pokey and sappy!

Jentry getting the ornaments ready to hang up.

Jentry and Mom showing off some of our "Cowboy" ornaments.

Haleigh helping Dad.

Jentry finding the perfect spot for her ornament.

What great helpers!

The girls had a great time! The bottom half of the tree got a little heavy with ornaments so Josh and I "rearranged" as we went.

Here it is - all done! This picture is so funny! Check out Jentry - is she six or sixteen?!?!


Alisa said...

Hey Grimmy's!
Your tree looks fab, and I can't believe that you go and cut your own! How fun! We had fun the other night...we need to do it more often. Ben loves that Haleigh comes to school with him now and is so excited to go to the door and pick her up!
Love you guys!

Tori said...

You guys are awesome! I love that you took pictures of decorating the tree. I was too busy yelling at my kids to put something down or stop running around the tree. I think we lost the "moment". I think your brown dog in the background is so cute! Congrats on the great tree!!! Miss you guys!

The Hilton Family~ said...

Oh the tree looks great!! I just love this time of year! I love Jen in the pic, little miss attitude!!

Brittany said...

You aint gonna believe this, but this is Greeny! My wife is (apparently) not only a "blogger", but also an internet search and find GURU! Anyhow, things look good for you and the fam, glad to see you still go for the "real tree" experience...keep in touch!

Brittany said...

Hey I had a friend inform me they couldn't open my blog cause my profile was locked. It should be fixed now if you want to see what we are up to. Just click on my name. Sorry and thanks.